This article provides a detailed history of the quest of human, that is to making machine capable of human level intelligence(at least!).It also define the concepts and underlying fields in AI.

What is AI?

According to wikipedia,

In simple words, AI is the intelligence which is produced by machine and currently we are harnessing it’s power and exploring the possibility of making it to human level intelligence.

Apart from these,the defination of AI or the concept of AI is the quest of humanity which has been continued since history.Here, is how we came to know aabout AI ( i.e how we devloped it) and how we are utilizing its capability —

Key events in the history of artificial intelligence:

1700s: The first idea of a machine having some intelligence was depicted in the book Guliver’s Travel. The exact term was ‘engine’, whose…

Lockdown story.


Whenever we three friends want to go somewhere on a bike,we have to make sure not to break the norms here in our village.We get a bike and do something absurd.

Hii,I am Buddhiraj and the friends I am talking about are two guys: Tusar and Rahul.Here it's a glimpse of our friendship and daily life.

That's it, no need to go deeper into our personal life.

The absurd thing is, we let Rahul walks till village ends or to a space where people can't see him sitting in the same bike we are riding on.Especially,We …

Papa is sleeping a lot these days.

He is very passionate and shows great enthusiasm towards his homeopath books and online videos of case studies.Most of the time,one will find him writing notes and reading books by books and piling them up on his bed side.
I said to maa, "why is he sleeping and not doing anything.he is not even doing a simple thing like opening the covers of garlic .He is becoming more stubborn and old day-by-day" rudely.

Maa said nothing.

Today morning, maa saw him sleeping.I thought she might be angry.But,she said "he doesn’t sleep this much normally,has something happened to him?"in a very caring tone.

She showed her genuine perspective toward the person she deeply care about.

What exactly makes people selfish and uncaring towards others need and emotion ??An investigation.

This is a trial to look into a human being,but not by killing it.Ha Ha.Just kidding.In this writing we will try to get a good understanding of the scale and origin of sensitivity of a human towards others.

But, first let me provide some info about two similar but opposite meaning caring word-- altruism and autism.

Sometimes,not very often you must have heard of someone who saved someone elese from death without caring for his/her own life.Yes,we get to know about these kinds of real life hero in news paper,local talk and TV shows etc.This unbelievably interesting behaviour of humans…

Does going to IIT makes you smart and successful?? Explaining the common mistake people does when they confuse reason with result. Swimmer’s illusion and being honest about one’s potential.

pc : google images

Does going to IIT makes you successful or potential successful student go to IIT!?
We will come to this topic after few minutes.
Let me illustrate an experience from Nassim Nicholas Taleb , trader and writer of the best seller books anti-fragile and black swan.In order to burn his body-fat and look slim ,he thought to join a sport.However,after observing unhappy joggers, boring body builder and gym member and upper class value of tennis player; he got irritated and left those.Finally he settled in swimming after looking streamlined appealing body of swimmers.He …

My attempt to give a ‘Theory of everything’ using complexity theory and some little borrowed facts from a diversity of fields


In my 12th grade ,I was trying to separate everything and all things into theirs respective extremities.Just like introversion and extroversion nature in myself,the chemistry and molecular physics in particles, cell organelles and life in a tiny cell.

In this article we will move from “Who am I?” to “What am I?” and find out the essential nature of our ‘self’.With a small talk about three layers of reality, some good knowledge from neuroscience and finally a bit of philosophical ending, enjoy reading this post.

source: Black Mirror Season 3

Have you ever asked yourself “Who Am I?”.Yes, the question concerned with philosophy- existentialism - psychology things .

Now, I can give you some options (To post on Facebook)—

>I think,therefore I exist. (by Rene Descartes)
>I feel, therefore I exist. (I first read it in a post from my professor)
>People acknowledge myself,therefore I exist.
>Let’s assume that I exist.
>I know what it feels like to be me,so I exist.

Okay,lets stop here.Enough of these self-loathing sentences.They have very little usefulness to uncover the root of our existence .I will call these just some western show up.That’s it.They…

Remember the story of Ekalavya.How Dronachrya made him useless in the world of archers.Now here is the same story with different context and peculiar ending.

‘Old Ekalavya’ src:google image

he gentle spring breeze was flowing while touching body and soul of all life forms.Dried-brown leaves were carried out everywhere in that flow.

Guru Dronachrya picked up a leaf out of a childish curiosity.He felt the roughness of that leaf by moving his finger on it.Suddenly,he sensed something unusual and tore the leaf with little effort.Now,he realised:the leaf was made out of thin paper with the dry-brown leaf like pattern painted on it.
He looked around and got surprised to see lots of such fake leafs flying around and scattered on both sides of a narrow path.

Upon following…

From the view of neuroscience and psychology….

Imagination is playing with Ideas.

Yes,thats true.It’s horrifying, Right?Don’t get shock.
Just hold on, I will explain you why.

Actually I thought about the idea of limited imagination when my roommate Anand came to room and started suddenly why we should visit places and explore more thing.He summarized his entire points with a single line:-

Imagination is limited.Isn’t it strange?

As a psychology student permit me to proceed in terms of mind perception and sensation like words.

1. We are not capable enough to perceive the world perfectly.

From a biological standpoint and also social and cultural view. Let’s stimulate the life of a frog and it’s awareness of…

A Psychologist’s speculation on human behaviour and Indian Sankar -A controlled wrong way.


Here is something funny but it is some softcore enlightenment written by PriyaDi on the exploitation of common people in name of Sanskar.Here didi has commented on how people are giving more importance to a social norms than(such serious issue like)birth of a child.

So what is sanskar?

The Sanskrit word saṃskāra (संस्कार) has various context-driven meanings that broadly refer to “the putting together, accomplishing well, making perfect, a form of solemn recognition and getting ready” and “mental impression, recollection.(source:wikipedia)

The Myth: Sanskar is the property of having good behaviour.

But,the popular notion of sanskar is the myth.Everyone want their son ,daughter,daughter-in-law etc to…

Buddhiraj Sahu

I am a Neuro-Nomad , love to view the world in an artistic way!!Currently playing in between two extremities- Artificial Intelligence and Human-Psychology.

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